The Story of Walkabout

Established in 1997 by Australian producers with US industry experience, Walkabout Films provides international directors, producers, agencies and clients with the support they need when shooting in Australia.

Company founder Lizzy Nash, is an executive producer with over 15 years experience working on television commercials, documentaries, short films, broadcast programming and interactive content.

As a premier facilitation company, with over a decade’s worth of experience shooting in Australia Walkabout Films ensures productions capitalise on all the benefits our country has on offer.

With connections to the finest technicians in the southern hemisphere, from production designers, key grips to lighting technicians, line producers, production managers, coordinators, location scouts and casting directors, Walkabout Films takes pride in its ability to minimize stress levels during all phases of production!

The team has access to award-winning post production and effects facilities and provides a range of internal services, including location photo libraries and in house casting edits.

In need of a unique location, spectacular aerial shot, or elaborate stunt handled with finesse? Look no further than Walkabout Films. The crew has hands-on experience filming with planes, helicopters, Wescam, Helicam, Helmet (sky) cam, and body cam, along with horses, boats, trains, cars, tracking vehicles, motion control and much more.

Check out the Our Work for a look at Walkabout Films' work.