Talk about a minefield - US client and UK client, US agency and UK agency (to shoot one commercial that we all agree on), director and producer in from London with too little time to prep and a filthy dose of jetlag, large cast and multiple locations and very few decisions being made by those who decided not to make the journey to wonderful Sydney, all of whom were in several different time zones. I know - its a familiar story but I’ve never felt so comfortable that all eventualities were being catered for.......thanks Lizzy and thanks to all the team at Walkabout who gave up their lives with a smile, generosity of spirit and a dogged determination. You must have been soooo pleased to see the back of us! Trouble is we had such a good time we are trying to get back again.......sooner rather than later.
— Mike Wells, Executive Producer (HLA London)
Lizzy please give my best to your wonderful staff and thank them for me. It was a real high moment in Nick and I’s career. You rock darling.
— Andrew French, Director
Our thanks to you for putting together a terrific production for Danny. Quite literally, we couldn’t have done it without you. The agency aspirations were high, and the scope of the project kept changing. You and your team kept your focus and helped us accomplish a very successful shoot.
— Bernie Wesson, Executive Producer
Once again, thank you so much. I must say that I don’t think I’ve ever felt as secure and comfortable with the information that I’ve been given by a production service in all my dealings with different countries and companies. Your extreme professionalism combined with your can-do attitude is not only refreshing but welcomed with open arms. I will definitely give you a call on our next go around in Australia. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
— Caroline Gibney, Head of Production (Station)
As both a director and an idiot, I find myself leaning heavily on my production team. Lizzie and the gang at Walkabout were everything I could have asked for — a pack of super crazy smart, ridiculously professional problem solvers. (And really nice and fun to boot.)
— Daniel Shane, Director (O Positive)
Most of all, thank you for your tireless and detailed attention to our job. I hope I might get a chance to work with you again.
— Jeannie Lee (DDB, San Fransisco)
Thanks to you for making this a very smooth production.
— Jeff Scruton, Executive Producer (MJZ)
Shooting in Australia’s a challenge for any American producer who hasn’t been ‘down under’. Lizzy Nash and the entire production staff of Walkabout made the experience one we’ll never forget. Thanks to their guidance and expertise we were able to find fabulous locations, a memorable and very diverse cast, a top-notch crew - and still come in under budget.
— Lisa Rich Executive Producer (Smuggler)
We traveled half way around the world to turn down town Melbourne into New York City and to build a set in an air plane hangar that looked like Monument Valley for Guinness. Go figure. We couldn’t have done it without Lizzy Nash and her great people who are not only extremely professional, but also a pleasure to work with.
— Marty Weiss (Weiss Stagliano and Partners, NYC)
Thanks for a job well done. I appreciate all the hard work.
— Natalie Hill, Producer
Lizzy Nash and her team including the lovely Penny are tops in our books. On several occasions Lizzy and her staff have guided us from the abyss of production that only someone with her production knowledge and crew relationships could pull off. With budgets getting tighter everyday Lizzy and her team are one of a very few that we at greatguns:usa consistently rely on when we are forced to leave home. Walkabout rocks!
— Tom Korsan, Executive Producer (greatguns:usa)
I’ve worked/produced commercials for various clients in almost every country. Walkabout, Lizzy Nash and her crew are quite simply one of the best (and knowledgeable) production services I’ve ever dealt with. They worked non-stop. Nothing disturbed them. They met all our requests and demands. They made working in Australia simple and easy.
— Normandie Galassi (Leo Burnett, Chicago)
Lizzy, you and your team did such an amazing job for us. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Walkabout from the Client, the Agency and from Nick, Andy and John. We’ve heard about the extraordinarily talented crew you assembled, about your attention to detail during every step of the production and about the tremendous level of support and expertise you provided. We are so thankful to you for making the production of such an important campaign such a tremendous success for all involved.
— Lori Lober, Executive Producer (The Artists Company)
I wanted to thankyou for all the amazing work on the Netflix job. You guys were amazing. It was total pleasure and I hope to get down there again!
— Tommy Kuntz, Director (MJZ)
Thank you again for all the hard work you and your team has put into this project and hopefully we can make it up to you in the future. Your professionalism and attention to detail is the best I have ever seen.
Again thank you
— Albert Botha, Exec Producer (Radke Film Group)
Lizzy Nash and Walkabout Films took a potentially difficult job and turned it into a pleasure cruise. We got excellence in every aspect of our production: crew, cast, locations, production design and equipment. The key to their success is their solid relationships with crew and vendors; outstanding communication skills and their ability to problem solve. Our budget was challenged and Lizzy figured out a way to make it happen. She is optimistic but realistic so you know what you can expect at all times. There are so many choices in Australia and we were fortunate to have chosen Lizzy Nash and Walkabout Films.
— Alexandra Chamberlain, Head of Production (Hello & Company)
Lizzy, I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts. You truly made the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. Thank you for everything.
— Brian Latt, Executive Producer (Tool Of North America)
HKM has done several large productions with Walkabout Films since 2002, and each project has been a wonderful experience. All aspects of the production are always handled very well; from putting together a top-notch crew with A level talent, to providing a great experience for the agency, and finally taking excellent care of HKM and our directors. Lizzy is a very good communicator and that is critical when putting together a project to shoot out of the country, and her thoroughness and attention to detail has made each job a success for HKM and our clients. By the way, we have had plenty of fun working with Walkabout too, and that is always important and an added bonus to the whole experience.
— Carl Swan, Executive Producer – Hello & Company
I wanted you to know how much I appreciated our collaboration on the Energy Australia project!! Alors Voila: Thankyou VERY much to all of you.
— Claude Letessier, Executive Producer (Paranoid Projects)
Thanks for everything. I’ll spread the word about Walkabout.
— Dante Ariola, Director (MJZ)
The professionalism with which all aspects of production were handled was world class. We had a very elaborate, highly detailed project that demanded great organization and expertise, which Walkabout delivered above expectations. The entire process was executed in a very positive, very warm, and very enjoyable fashion. We are extremely thankful to have had the chance to work with Lizzy and the Walkabout team, and would definitely do it again.
— Frank Mertens, Account Supervisor (BBDO - New York)
You all are awesome. I hope to get back there as soon as possible.
— Jeff Drooger, Senior Producer (DDB Chicago)
In more than twenty years of shooting, I’ve never had a job go so well. Everyone from producer to PA was top rate, they not only produced great work, they did it with a smile. Australia is a great place to shoot, and these are the people to coordinate it there. I’d do it again in a New York second.
— John Marias
Hi Lizzy, I just want to thank you for all your help and support throughout the project. I truly believe everyone in your office did a great job and I don’t think we would’ve been able to pull it off if it wasn’t for the fact that you were so well organised.
— Luis Gerard, Director (greatguns:usa)
Dearest Lizzy, I just want to make it known how much I appreciate the smashing, kick ass production you put on! Will you please bring yourself and your amazing team to LA now so I don’t get the horrible withdrawals I already know are coming??
— Mike Goode, Director (greatguns:usa)
I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for a brilliant job. As our first Sydney production, I can tell you without a doubt that we were spoiled in every respect, and our every expectation was well exceeded. We will spread the good word about Aussie commercial making and Walkabout in particular.
— Nick Spooner, Director (The Artists Company)
I’m one of Walkabout’s biggest fans. I have worked in Australia on numerous occasions, each time using Walkabout. They are with out doubt - the most efficient, friendly, thoughtful, inventive, hard working, stylish company with a good knowledge of how the US and UK advertising industries operate. The crews are brilliant and a lot of fun.
— Lexi Godfrey, Producer
Having shot spots for Guinness and Gatorade in Australia, I must say that the crews, and especially Walkabout Films’ ‘can-do’ attitude, made the experience extremely pleasant and cost-effective. I would, and will, shoot ‘Down Under’ again and most definitely with Walkabout.
— Preston Lee, Executive Producer (Uber Content)
Working with Walkabout Films was a wonderful experience. Lizzy and her team are a group of smart and dedicated people. Their expertise and professionalism guided us through a very complicated production. They made it seem effortless and were always a step ahead. They did whatever it took to get the job done. Walkabout is truly a world-class production team and I would highly recommend them for any production. (They also have a great sense of humor.)
— Ida Lew, VP, Sr Producer (FCB-NY)
Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. You are so good at what you do and it was such a professional production. We loved the 1st AD and all of the crew. It spoils us for other jobs.
Thank you for listening to my concerns and providing such a wonderful solution. I was able to do my job in a basically stress free situation.
You ran a great show and you always had a smile on your face.
— Michele Avantario, Casting Director & Baby Wrangler (Kimberly-Clark)